Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

Are you ready for this amazingly fast Android Gingerbread-wielding phone? No… not phone. BEAST. Yes. This phone is a beast in every way, whether your watching a movie on its 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display (that’s a mouth full), or filming a full HD (that’s 1080p) video of your cat, or even if your sitting back and playing Need for Speed on its 1.2GHz dual-core processor. If that doesn’t sell you, I’m not done.

With its 18-hour talk time, you can chat with your friends as much as you want, and since its 4G-capable, you can watch HD movies and download apps and games wherever you go. And this phone just looks physically amazing. It’s thin, its big, and it is extremely light, weighing in at less than 120g.

Just look at those curves! But all joking aside This thing just feels good in your hand. And finally, Samsung figured out that when the phone is plugged in, I still want to use it! Now, the USB port is located on the bottom of the phone, so I can actually type while it is charging.

Let’s get back to the display. As mentioned earlier, the Galaxy S2 has a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display. With this technology, Samsung has improved the viewing experience indoors and out. Indoors, it is very easy to see the bright, vivid colors which almost pop out at you if your watching a movie or even just reading a book. However, if you are outside, it can become a bit difficult to see what is on the screen. This is a problem with all smart-phones, and this will not ruin the user-experience whatsoever. I recommend turning the brightness up or using a light-colored wallpaper.

Another feature I would have liked to see is a  higher resolution display. Samsung is still using a 800×480, which doesn’t quite make sense when there are already qHD displays that display in 960×540. This is a minor flaw that will not ruin the experience.

The Galaxy S2 has great all quality, and the contacts and dialer applications are both very simple and very functional. The web browser is very fast and easy to use, however, with the Galaxy S2’s comparatively low screen resolution, there is a better web browsing experience to be had with a higher resolution device. That’s not to say that colors aren’t vibrant and it isn’t easy to read small text. Quite the contrary.

This phone is a perfect choice for someone that wants a speedy phone that is also extremely powerful. I would have to recommend this smartphone to anyone that seeks an enjoyable Android experience.

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