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iPhone 3GS explodes in man’s hand

Recently, a man’s iPhone over-heated while he was playing a game, causing the phone to explode. The man’s hand was badly bruised, and he temporarily lost movement in his fingers. It is not known if the man will file a legal suit against Apple. The explosion was most likely caused by the battery, which can over-heat with heavy use.  This has occurred to a number of unfortunate people across the world, with the battery being the culprit in every incident. Apple has not released any information about the malfunctioning batteries, and Apple seems reluctant to talk about the issue.

Another similar event occurred when a man’s iPhone 4 exploded on an flight to Sydney, Australia. Safety precautions were taken when the iPhone began glowing while emitting smoke. Upon landing, the phone was given to officials for investigation. It is not yet known why the iPhone exploded, but it was most likely related to the battery overheating.


Blog Mastermind: Make money with your blog

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Will Apple’s new MacBook Air have better graphics?

Apple’s MacBook Air line of portable computers has never really been known for their performance. But that doesn’t mean Apple is going to leave it that way. Apple really owes it to their customers to provide a capable laptop, considering that you will most likely be paying in excess of one grand. CNET contributor Brooke Crothers says that the new Air might include an Intel Ivy Bridge processor with their onboard Intel HD 4000 graphics. That would be an improvement upon the previous Air’s slightly disappointing graphics. But this is not set in stone; in fact, some people say that this improvement is unlikely, and considering the iPad 3’s surprisingly unchanged specs, I don’t find this improvement to be all that likely, either.

No ASUS Transformer Prime review, HTC Amaze 4G instead

I was not able to get my hands on the Prime, however, I ordered the HTC Amaze 4G and I’m going to review it when it arrives.

No Adobe Flash Support for Android?

Yup, you read correctly. Adobe recently announced that they will no longer support the Android mobile operating system when it comes to there all-powerful ‘Flashweb content viewer. Now, that doesn’t mean that you will suddenly be unable to watch YouTube videos or even any other flashed-based content, at least not yet. Adobe says that after Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich, Adobe will stop releasing updates.
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You are probably wondering, ‘How am I going to continue watching Flash videos on my phone?’ Google, Inc., the company responsible for Android, thinks that HTML5 has the capability to replace, and ever surpass, the abilities of Flash for Android.