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iPhone 3GS explodes in man’s hand

Recently, a man’s iPhone over-heated while he was playing a game, causing the phone to explode. The man’s hand was badly bruised, and he temporarily lost movement in his fingers. It is not known if the man will file a legal suit against Apple. The explosion was most likely caused by the battery, which can over-heat with heavy use.  This has occurred to a number of unfortunate people across the world, with the battery being the culprit in every incident. Apple has not released any information about the malfunctioning batteries, and Apple seems reluctant to talk about the issue.

Another similar event occurred when a man’s iPhone 4 exploded on an flight to Sydney, Australia. Safety precautions were taken when the iPhone began glowing while emitting smoke. Upon landing, the phone was given to officials for investigation. It is not yet known why the iPhone exploded, but it was most likely related to the battery overheating.