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How to Make Money Online with Factoidz

If you have knowledge to share, why not get paid for it? At Factoidz.com, writers are paid to write good-quality articles with a huge community of writers. There is no cost to join, and anyone who signs up can begin writing immediately. Sign up here.

There are a lot of ways to earn money with your articles, but before you can start, you need to actually publish your first article. Your first article is important, because this is where you set your precedents as a writer on Factoidz. Your articles need to be full of factual information, and must be void of bias. In order to earn a good amount of money, you need to post high-quality articles regularly. That means, at least 3 times a week. Posting an article every day is even better, but you may not have that kind of time.

How do my articles earn me money?

There are a few different ways that your articles will earn money. Your Activity Bonus is one of the most prominent. Activity bonuses are the extra money you get when you write often. The more you post, the higher your activity bonus. If an editor thinks that your article is of very high quality (contains lots of factual information, etc.), you can earn up to a $5 activity bonus for that article. Again, the more you write, the more you earn. Also, the more successful your previous articles are, the higher your next activity bonus will be. Once you get promoted to Staff Writer, you will always earn more money. The staff writer position is achieved when you successfully post 10 consecutive articles.

Traffic is another major money-earner. For every 1,000 views an article gets, you can earn from $2-$10, depending on the quality. This may not seem like a lot, but it adds up.

When you start writing very high quality articles, people will start Backlinking  to your article. A backlink is when someone writes something similar to your article on their blog, website, etc., and post a link to your article. This can increase traffic, especially if the backlinker gets lots of traffic of their own. You can also backlink your own articles, by putting links in your blog or forum signature. Just don’t spam forums, because this can get you in trouble.

Factoidz connects with websites across the Internet, and allows you to review a service, product, etc. that that particular site offers. These are called Review Bonuses. Successful review bonuses can earn you up to $20, however they must be full of great information that helps readers decide whether to use the service or not. Also, positive reviews do not get you more money, so always express your true opinion while writing reviews.

Another money earner is the Buzzitup program. Every time you buzz up a fellow contributor’s article, you get closer to gaining a credit. Articles are buzzed up by sharing them with 2 social networking sites, such as Twitter, or Digg. Once you earn a credit, you can insert your own article for buzzing up.

The last feature that earns you money is the Referral System. For every person that you refer, you will receive $10 when the become a staff writer.


If you stick with the program, and write as much as you can, the rewards will be great, and you will be successful. Don’t give up, and even if it seems like all the work is giving little payout, keep writing.